Pinatubo Tour

June 12,1991, it was a day in which most part of Luzon,Philippines was shaken by nature's force, with the eruption of Mount Pinatubo, most part of Luzon that time were affected and it took years before its beauty became visible.Today,it's a part of our nature's wonder here in the Philippines.It became one of the most visited tourist spots because of its unexplained beauty, its exciting and alluring pathway to the crater, its people around, the 4x4car, and a lot more. How to get in is probably the question you might ask.

By mentioning the 4x4car and a
ll the package and tour therein, it means that we have to coordinate with the officials. The best and affordable way to get in is to coordinate with the president of the Mt.Pinatubo 4x4 Club Wendell Mercado, I can assure you the affordability,hospitality,safest and well-organized tour in Mt.Pinatubo. He's handling tours for more than a decade.

Below is the tour rate:
  1. 4x4 Car (upto 5 persons capacity) = 3,000 Pesos
  2. Tourist Guide per Car = 500 Pesos
  3. Conservation fee = 500 Pesos per person
  4. Mayor's Fee of Botolan Zambales = 350 per person
Pay only the above rate, no more no less. Beware of additional charges by other tour agency.

So come on now, enjoy these very affordable rate and explore the beauty of Mt. Pinatubo.
Contact only Mr. Wendell 

Mercado: 0919-608-4313
visit my FB: pinatubo4wheelersclub

We also have TRUCKING SERVICES as follow:

Contact Mr. Wendell Mercado: 0919-608-4313